Governmental Relations Attorneys

Areas of Focus

  • Administrative and Regulatory
    • Negotiations for resolving issues
    • Representation of clients before various state and federal regulatory agencies
    • Representation of clients in appeals to the S.C. Administrative Law Court
    • Representation in civil and criminal litigation involving federal, state, and/or local governmental agencies
  • Legislative and Governmental Relations
    • Legislative or regulatory communication strategies
    • Legal analysis
    • Monitoring of legislative activities and political developments
    • Maintaining positive and productive relationships with legislators, regulators, and their staff
    • Participating in meetings and hearings, including testifying on their behalf
    • Drafting legislation, amendments, regulations, policies, and other proposals for clients for use by governmental entities, legislators, and staff
    • Organizing coalitions on legislative and regulatory matters

Who We Represent

  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Banking and Other Financial Institutions
  • Multiple product lines of the insurance industry
  • Public Utilities
  • Small and Independent Businesses
  • Trade Associations
  • State, county, and local governmental officials, candidates, political parties, and entities in administrative venues